South London based songstress, Abigail Scott, has released her brand new single, ‘Damaged’, the title track from her highly anticipated second EP recently released on Gravel Road Records & Music.

Abigail Scott is an immensely talented and gifted singer, with a voice full of power and versatility that is plain from the first few notes of the new single. She began writing original material and performing regularly when she was 15. After drawing the attention of Gravel Road Records & Music, Abigail released her debut EP back in 2016. The title track, ‘Tin Soldiers’, went on to be very successful, particularly in the US.

It comes as no surprise then, that ‘Damaged’ is an incredible single, featuring a soulful, languid production and beautifully raw vocal that oozes emotion throughout, never missing any nuance. Having already been released in America, it is already at number 26 in the ‘Adult Contemporary US Radio Top 40 Chart’ and number 6 ‘A/C US Western Region Top 20 Chart’.

You can hear the emotional, driving journey that she is on and sharing lyrically in this new track.  There is an immediacy that belies the vulnerability she is expressing as she navigates through it.  Her skills as a vocalist and writer are undeniable and come effortlessly.  There is an epic of complexities that is being travelled and one as a listener that you feel privileged to join her on.  Its a subject that many can attach to and evokes personal responses.  It creates many reflective, interior moments to relate to while demonstrating the well-crafted and heartfelt matter of the song.  The track is tethered in something quite evocative and magical, giving ample rise to vocalese of Abigail.

Big things are expected from ‘Damaged’, so be sure to get it in your playlists as Abigail Scott establishes her trajectory and undeniably becomes one to watch in 2018.


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George Millington