Adam Idris, an R&B singer – songwriter from the United Kingdom, has released his new single ‘Break Through’, which has been much anticipated after the success of his previous release, ‘A Bit More’, which racked up over a million views on YouTube.

Adam only started pursuing music in 2016, when he spontaneously recorded his first track ‘That’s My Baby’ and after a successful release, realised that music making was what he was born to do. His style is broad, but distinct and is mostly centred around R&B, Soul and Pop.

With ‘Break Through’ Adam Idris speaks about staying humble and expresses the importance of remembering that money and success mean nothing without family and friends. His vocal delivery is smooth as ever and the production brings out the positivity in the message of the track with grace and style.

It comes as no surprise then that many music fans are already putting ‘Break Through’ into their playlists, with the music video recently reaching 38k views on YouTube. Adam Idris is one to watch as we head into the summer months.

George Millington