The Sunday Times has revealed a musical taster of their annual Rich List, and well-known veterans maintain top positions. Although all eyes are now on the nation’s favourite potty-mouthed Londoner, Adele.

Ahead of publishing the UK’s 100 wealthiest on Sunday, the newspaper has released the top 20 within the music industry. Although the line up is inundated with musical alumni, Adele stands strong, with an increase of £40million.

First of all lets start at the top. Taking first place with a whopping fortune of £780million, former Beatle and musical genius, Sir Paul McCartney. Subsequent to the 2016 release of his career-spanning collection, the Liverpudlian legend saw his wealth increase by £20million.

Bringing up the rear of the top three are Irish rockers, U2. With an estimated fortune of £548million, the band has come a long way from the shabby classrooms of the Dublin. With both the release of their album Songs of Experience and a tour marking the 30th anniversary of The Joshua Tree, this year is bound to be fruitful. Safe to say the lads can sleep easy, with little fear of losing their place on the podium.


Where is Adele in all of this?

The list continues with few surprises among the top 20 wealthiest musicians. As the richest artist under 30 and the only woman in the line up, Adele has people talking once again. This year marks her first time ranking, and rich list compiler Robert Watts states: “If Adele’s career lasts as long as many of the other entries in our list, she has the potential to be the highest-earning British musician of all time.”

Adele’s album sales coupled with a world tour have seen her fortune rise to £125million. This places her 19th of the wealthiest names in British music. With 25 becoming the fastest selling album in UK chart history, and her performance at Glastonbury self-described as “the best moment of my life so far”, it’s fair to conclude that the last couple of years have been a major success.

Her critically acclaimed tour will end at Wembley Stadium in June, and sources suggest that it won’t be repeated for another decade. There are whispers of a Vegas residency, but again, not in the near future. So if you’re a fan, grab the opportunity to see her this time around because she certainly won’t be strapped for cash and needing to gig again any time soon.

Kate Brogan
George Millington