At the recent Cambridge Folk Festival, we had the chance to interview the magnetic Amy Montgomery about all things music and what lies ahead for her.


Amy Montgomery, what brought you to music?

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a passion for singing. It has always been with me! But what brought me to music? Different things. I was introduced to great rock n roll music such as The Eagles, ACDC, Elvis Presley & Suzi Quatro very intrinsically. This is the stuff I grew up with, due to my dad blasting it from our hi-fi all through my childhood.
I spent my time from 8 years up, competing in local singing competitions, I picked up a guitar soon after that and songwriting came at about 14 or 15 years old. Music is something that has happened naturally for me, as I have never been taught how to sing, play guitar or piano. Playing and performing is my medicine.

I think you could say that life experiences have led me to have a stronger connection to music though. Many of us have times when our hearts feel sore and broken. And at a time when I needed it most, a few years ago, music was something that healed me, and continues to do so now. I think the respect that I have for the process of healing that music provides for me, shines through when I perform. Does this make sense? 🙂

Absolutely! What drives you musically?

Making music is like speaking a language of your own. I suppose the drive comes from the desire to create something you, the creator, would listen to yourself.
Other people’s need for confirmation that everything is okay!! That drives me musically. Healing, magic, and the powers that be drive me.

Who were you most looking forward to seeing at the festival?

Our schedule was so tight getting to the festival this year. We flew in from H2U Festival in Uster, Switzerland which meant that I didn’t even get a chance to think about who I was going to see! Isn’t that awful?

What is ahead for Amy Montgomery the rest of the year and into 2020?

We’ve got Electric Picnic at the end of this month. Looe Festival, Cornwall as well as three headline shows in September (London, Dublin and Belfast), as well as the release of a new single. Then a few days later we jet off to Melbourne, Australia to play a short run of dates along the East Coast with William Crighton. November will consist of some Irish shows, as well as two German festivals. December, I will eat lots of carrots, potatoes and gravy. Going into 2020, we hope to be looking at our debut album on the horizon, and a few great tours!


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