Arctic Monkeys will release a new album, ‘The Car’ on October 21st, and it is already sending the band’s devoted following into a frenzy.

The new album will be the Sheffield group’s seventh studio album, following the 2018 release ‘Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino’.

In an interview with The Big Issue, frontman Alex Turner shared his thoughts: “There’s a bunch of Led Zeppelin and Stones records where they were in this house in the country and then they went and sorted it all out and overdubbed it elsewhere.”

“We went there in the summer, took all the equipment, got the raw material and then took it on elsewhere.”

“You have to follow your instincts in the same way you did in the first place. In that way, it does all feel like it’s connected to us 20 years ago in the garage when it was pure instinct.”

George Millington