Ariana Grande recently worked with Starbucks to create her own drink. The product was made public through Starbuck’s official instagram account last week. They said “Introducing new Iced Cloud Macchiatos in Caramel and Cinnamon. So light and fluffy they’re basically a cloud in a cup. ?☁️#CloudMacchiato
*Cloud foam contains egg whites.”

However, the drink has caused an outcry amongst Ariana’s fans who have been left disappointed that she is promoting a dairy based drink despite claims that she is ‘100% vegan’.

One Twitter user wrote ”I thought Starbucks new drink since it’s being endorsed by Ariana Grande would be able to be made vegan since you know she IS vegan, but upon research it has egg white powder in.’

Even a Starbucks barista claimed that she was unsure why Ariana is associating herself with a non vegan product.

Furthermore, they said:

“As a barista AT Starbucks, I think it’s really weird that Ariana Grande is the ambassador for the new drink,’ began@memerayo. You literally cannot make it vegan, the key ingredient in cloud powder is egg whites to make it more like meringue [SHRUG EMOJI].”

Overall, do you agree with Ariana Grande promoting a product which is non vegan? Especially when she claims she is a 100% vegan? Have your say by commenting below.

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