Earlier today, two men were stabbed in an altercation between kitchen staff at Sony Music’s West London Headquarters.

At around 11am GMT, emergency services descended upon Derry Street, Kensington due to reports of a stabbing with a machete at Sony Music. Kensington is known as a hub of record labels, however development in King’s Cross is changing this.

According to Sony staff, the men were seen chasing each other before the stabbings took place and it has been described by witnesses to the BBC as two men ‘slashing each other up’. Since the incident, the MET have described this as unrelated to terror. However, the entire building as well as nearby offices, including Northcliffe House, which is home to The Daily Mail, The Independent and the Metro, were evacuated for the morning and some of the afternoon.

Both men have been arrested and are being held on suspicion of committing grievous bodily harm. Neither man suffered life-threatening or life-changing injuries, however one man was taken to a trauma centre and another taken to a nearby hospital. It is still unclear whether both men had a knife, or if the attacked was injured in course of the stabbing. It has been confirmed there were no firearms involved.

Speaking to The Guardian, Simon Neville, a journalist who was present near Sony’s offices at time of the incident said: “Everybody starting pouring out and running towards the square around the back.

“Then I saw a young, white man with a red jacket being tackled by the security guards by the loading bay on Derry Street. He was shouting at them to get off. Once he was tackled, they started bringing the shutters down. He has now been led away by the police.”

Sony have confirmed the incident and have stated that police are investigating the matter further.

George Millington