Not all ticketing platforms are created equal. Some promise to tackle touts and make things fairer for the everyday concert goer. Others promise the best value for money above all else. Viagogo is one such ticketing platform that ‘aims to provide ticket buyers with the widest possible choice of tickets across the world’. That sounds pretty good on the surface, but has been taken to court by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission.

As published on the complete music update website, the company is being attacked on several fronts. One huge part of that is the huge prices added on all tickets, booking fees as high as 27.6%. This information isn’t made clear up front, so consumers have no idea about the extra cost until it hits them. Along with this, they are accused of misleading people by using phrases such as “less than 1% of tickets remaining”. Only referring to their supply, generating a false sense of urgency. The last and biggest against them, is their use of the word ‘official’ in their (often paid for) Google advertising.

Viagogo They Need Help, Not Take Advantage!

There is a significant amount of action being taken by the music industry to combat ticket touting. Websites like these are flying in the face of that, dominating the market and (in many instances) ripping off consumers. The action taken has been praised by many, and is hopefully the first of many against these that are taking advantage of concert goers. Expect more over the coming months, and maybe some big names getting involved!

George Millington