Brummie lads Bad Girlfriend have followed up last year’s EP #killyourselfie with their new EP “My Time”. The EP includes single “My Time” also including a cover of Men at Work’s “Land Down Under”. That classic 80s track that is sure to get you singing along. Along with these surprise additions to the album what else can we expect from this EP from Bad Girlfriend.

On this latest EP Bad Girlfriend unleash their energy and chaotic punk nature, which serves them well during shows. Their front man is known for channeling Iggy pop. Unleashing himself upon the crowd! Whilst simultaneously channeling their inner garage rock spirit. “My Time” ensnares you with a whirlwind of distortion and a catchy chorus you can’t help but sing along to like.

If you’re into your garage rock bands then Bad Girlfriend will be a welcomed addition to your ITunes library. They’re are a band to watch out for and if you have the opportunity to witness them live, DO IT! This is a talented group which you shouldn’t let you pass by.

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Paul Viccars
George Millington