Justin Bieber is to release his new album on Valentines Day 2020. The new record will be the ‘I Dont Care’ singers 5th studio album and it will hit stores on the 14th February. Fans are already going wild over it.

Furthermore, the Canadian decided to return to work after his performance at Coachella in 2019 according to his best pal Ryan. “Justin was going back and forth whether it was the right time or not. I think Scooter was thinking he should have this opportunity to go out on that stage so he could remind himself and of who he is and what he does. It kind of seemed like a turning point for him to where he was like, ‘I think I’m ready to do this again. I think I need to do this again.’

Well it appears the wait has not damaged his loyal fan base.


One fan wrote on Twitter. “The first few seconds into watching Justin’s “Leaving the Spotlight” and I cant stop tearing up. His last album, “Purpose” before he decided to stop making music meant so much to me. I can’t wait for Changes.I am so happy for you”.

Another “I’m literally gonna go and take an Uber to target February 14th at 8am to be able to make it back for class at 11 am. I cant wait”

Although it has been a long wait for the new album it appears it was the right thing. Also, Scooter his manager clearly has his artists best interests at heart. As a result he has allowed Bieber the time away to live his life. I am sure that time away will pay off dividends with his new music. Also, he has a wife now so he will have plenty to write about!

Anyway, not long to wait now Beliebers!


George Millington