Biffy Clyro made their first live appearance of 2019 on Friday night under a dark and gloomy North Yorkshire sky at the Scarborough Open Air Theatre. A night which will remain in fans memories for a long time after a truly unforgettable performance.

Bliffy Clyro at Scarborough
Credit: Cuffe and Taylor


Fellow Scots, Fatherson, kicked the evening off with a BANG. With thumping drums and solid vocals the Kilmarnock chaps unleashed a set which could make even the sternest of listeners tap their foot. The band all wearing full colour suits began with ‘Charm School’ taken from the album ‘Sum of All Your Parts’. The track boasted strong riffs and an infectious chorus. They followed with ‘The Rain’. Its eerie sounding piano and lyrical poetry was extremely pertinent especially as the heavens began to open up. Lead singer, ‘Ross Leighton’ joked “Watching everyone put their mac on was the most British Mexican wave thing I’ve seen”. Overall, the band were a very solid opener. As a result, the crowd gave them a very friendly welcome.


Ghostpoet followed. Lead singer, Obaro Ejimiwe who has been nominated twice for the prestigious Mercury Music Prize brought faithless esque vocals and a cool vibe to the stage. The London based artist with his conservative image of all black introduced a supplemental darker sound with his track ‘Many Moods at Midnight’. All songs were delivered in emotional style and Obaro moved around on stage as if he was born to play to a crowd. Ghostpoet finished up with ‘Immigrant Boogie’ from the album ‘Dark Days + Canapés’.

Biffy Clyro

Fans could not wait any longer for the Scottish rockers whom were warming up for their headline show at the Isle Of Wight festival. Chanting ‘Mon The Biff’, fans roared as their heroes emerged onto a smoke lit stage whilst an ambient guitar rung out around the packed theatre.

The band got underway with a debut performance of ‘Balance, Not Symmetry’. Following the opener, the group took no hostages as they surged into the massive sounding ‘Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies’. Lead singer Simon Neil, then faded for a moment. He then appeared under a silhouette darkness and standing on top of the stage props.

Bliffy Clyro at Scarborough
Credit: Cuffe and Taylor

Afterwards, Simon reached out to the fans saying ‘How are you Scarbados?’ Following this the band and the crowd exchanged friendly swordplay with the crowd chanting ‘Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire’. Although Biffy were puzzled at first, they soon picked up on what was happening and the bassist delivered shouting ‘Scotland’.

Electrifying Set

The set got even more electrifying as it went on. Also mosh pits began to form with the group performing all of their UK top 10 smash hits. A highlight was Biffy playing their more subdued track ‘Re-arrange’. The song left a number of admirers crying after observing the truly biblical performance. ‘Many Of Horror’ was the last song before the bands encore, it was meritoriously majestic.

After the encore, Biffy Clyro returned to the stage. They performed ‘Machines’ which was conveyed with true sentiment through Simon’s solo rendition. They then finished on ‘Stingin Belle’. The finale saw confetti being let loose over the blown away crowd who had already witnessed fireworks and flames.

Overall, it is fair to say that every spectator left with a strong taste in their mouth of witnessing something remarkable. Also, it was hard to believe that the band have not performed all year. However, we would not have expected anything different. After all, they are Biffy ‘Fucking’ Clyro.

Bliffy Clyro at Scarborough OAT 8
Credit: Cuffe and Taylor

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