2020 has been eventful. And to think we are only three months into the year. But what have been the biggest tracks of 2020 so far?

Earlier on in the year, we had Bieber making his comeback with ‘Yummy’. It was a pretty yummy track with its infectious melody and chorus.

We also have had the impeccable ‘No Time To Die’ release from Billie Eilish. The track will be the new James Bond soundtrack and it has wowed fans globally since its release. We cannot get enough of it.

Camila Cabela also started 2020 with a strong release ‘My Oh My’. A track which carries on from where she left on in 2019, with its Latin themed vibe and charismatic vocals.

Let’s move on to Halsey. What a start to the new decade for this beautiful singer. Her release ‘You Should Be Sad’ is a real banger and is testament to the new comer’s talent.

To finish off, our biggest track of 2020 is the magnificent ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weeknd. It is a track which never gets boring. As a result, it has been sitting at the top spot of the British UK chart for six weeks. But to be honest, it deserves it. We here at GSGM play this track daily, and we are still loving it, if not more than we did when we first heard it.

So there you have it. These are some of the biggest tracks of 2020 so far. But, it is still early days in 2020. Therefore, we are most likely going to get a lot more hits too. Nevertheless, with the coronavirus outbreak, we could see a delay in new releases.

Your Top Songs

What are your biggest songs? Maybe you have an alternative playlist which we need to hear! Leave your comment below.

George Millington