Billie Eilish is the pop star of the moment. She is famous in pretty much every corner of the globe. How incredible for Eilish. One moment she was an unknown name in her bedroom working on music with her brother. The next she is taking over the world with her inspiring music.

It is a dream for any musician. But, it does come with a downside, and Eilish is starting to see the knock-on effect of her newfound stardom. Furthermore, the singer is repeatably harassed by a fan who not only comes to her house regularly, but he is also trying to gain entry by trying to open her doors. Luckily, the fan is now getting a restraining order to ensure he remains at least 200 yards away from the starlet and her family members.

Childhood Home

Billie is currently spending the lockdown period at her childhood home. It was only a matter of time until a crazy fan turned up out of the blue. After all, you cannot get to the status Billie is and still live in a typical suburban home, sadly. Well, you can, but you are going to get an unsolicited visitor at some point. Even some of the biggest names get insane stalkers prowling around near their homes, and they have substantial security systems set up.

We understand that Billie Eilish wants to keep it real. But, maybe it is more hassle than it is worth sticking to her routes and remaining at her family home. However, on the flip, she should be allowed to, and people should respect her space even diehard admirers.

The fan Prennell Rousseau who is 24 years of age, also was showing ‘erratic behaviour’ while at the ‘Bad Guy’ singers property. He was talking to himself and wasn’t wearing a face mask despite official guidance to wear one.

George Millington