One of the best parts of my job is covering a live review, more specifically, an artist with an impressive history of music. The reason I sometimes enjoy those experiences all the more is for one reason – watching the fans react. When you see a long-standing fan emote for the artist they have carried in their heart for sometimes decades, well, that is just pure joy. For those few precious hours, these seasoned fans are giving off nothing but happiness. In this case, it was the gentleman artist and singer, the legend that is Billy Ocean, performing at the Cambridge Corn Exchange.

Billy Ocean – The Timeless Artist

In his sharp, dapper grey suit, framed by an optically glam, sumptuous set, with a host of musicians and backing singers, this was an orchestrated and consummate performance. Billy delivered clean and clear vocals that have not aged one small bit. He opened with ‘Are You Ready?’ occupying every layer of smooth and soulful.  His memorable smile always fixed in place. There was a slick transition into a few consecutive songs.  All were absolutely seamless, making the opening music an extended rhythmic celebration of his musical liturgy. It was all still fresh and yet timelessly classic. He then urged the audience to ‘…celebrate with me, misbehave with me!’ It was endearing and made me crush on him just a little.

When the first up-tempo song was played in the set, ‘Love Really Hurts Without You’, the bums finally bounced out of the seats.  It was all going on in the aisles and every free space. Rolling through hits like, ‘When The Tough Gets Going’, ‘, ‘Loverboy’, ‘Get Into My Car’ and ‘No Woman, No Cry’, Billy was impeccable and flawless in his delivery but so was his endurance. He was brimming with faultless charm and seemingly effortless artisanship which was truly enviable.

He is the singer who never stops smiling, obviously enjoying with such glee, his time on stage.  Billy Ocean is one artist that is not to be missed and surely to be admired.

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Dana Miller