UK based country pop artist, Binky, has released her brand new single ‘Get Lost’, a track full of modern energy, nailing her unique fusion of country and urban pop.

Binky discovered her love of music at the age of 15, writing and performing in multiple genres. Since then, she has turned her attention to country music, saying “The first time I sang a country song it was like putting on the most perfect pair of shoes, I haven’t looked back since”. By fusing this passion with influences of urban pop, Binky has created a truly original sound that fans have grown to love.

‘Get Lost’ is a feel good anthem. With a jangly instrumental and a rhythm that will make you want to move from the get- go, this single is sure to become a summer hit for the London based artist. Binky’s vocals are raspy yet smooth, complimenting the country-style songwriting and captivating melodies with great grace.

With this release, Binky has seemingly mastered her unique marriage of country music and urban pop, bringing Nashville to the masses. ‘Get Lost’ is sure to make its way into playlists globally this summer.

George Millington