I love Björk. Never one to stick with conventions, she has always pushed the envelope in terms of what it means to be a musician. With songs on all manner of subjects using practically every instrument and technique you could think of, she has a huge following of loyal fans. I certainly clamour for every new announcement and interview she gives. And that’s not even taking into account how quickly she adapts and works new technology into her music. Just consider, on her last few albums, she has released an app and put on shows all over the world with VR. She’s truly a unique and rare talent.

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She posted a picture this week on her Facebook page, announcing a new but currently untitled album coming ‘very soon’. It differs from her last outing ‘Vulnicura’, as it’s about her new experiences with love instead of the hardships during her last marriage. She called it a ‘Tinder Record’ in an interview to Dazed magazine; I can only imagine what kind of experiences somebody like Björk has had on that app. She also alluded that it will have reactionary themes to current events, citing the apparent rise of ‘rightwing populism’.

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In a very fast move, the album is already available for pre order online. You can pick it up on Vinyl (£23.99), CD Digipack (£9.99) or CD Jewelcase (£8.99), and may as well stock up on all things Björk while you’re there. Björk recently played at Fuji Rock 2017 early this week, and can almost certainly be expect to announce a whole host of shows to support the new album. It’s something you can’t really pass up if you get a chance to go; her live shows are legendarily magical.


By Matt Lott

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