BLOXX are becoming one of the freshest indie-pop bands of the generation. The group who hail from London have catapulted themselves to stardom in recent times and they have gained support from some of the industry most influential contacts including Annie Mac at BBC Radio 1.

Their new track ‘Off My Mind’ is mind-blowing. It is a track which gets the serotonin levels flowing around instantly and its feel-good and infectous charm is difficult to resist. The band keep edgy with their sound, but they bring a contemporary pop vibe along to the party too for good measure.

Many have been drawing close comparisons to ‘Wolf Alice’, but I profoundly disagree. They have a sound of their own, and it is hard to put them alongside another. Vocally, they excite with nail-biting deliveries and witty lyrics which grip. Lead singer, ‘Ophelia Booth’ is a genuine talent. She oozes confidence, and her emotion is dripping all over the track, singing poignantly.

Potent Cocktail

As the track progresses, it becomes a potent cocktail of all things fabulous from within the indie space. The chorus for me is contagious, and it is hard not to find yourself singing it well after listening. Also, the music foundation beneath the vocals is awe-inspiring. The guitar rhythm comes in a trendy style, and the beat gets the foot-tapping instantly. One thing, I wish though is that I was ten years younger and in this band myself. They have a serene quality about them, and they bring something for just about everybody here with ‘Off My Mind’. A real treat.

So, wait no more. You can take a listen to ‘Off My Mind’ by BLOXX below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts to their new single by commenting on our social media accounts, we love to hear your thoughts.

Emily Harris