‘Parasite Eve’ is the latest release from Sheffield based rock band Bring Me The Horizon.

It is a somewhat enlightening track with a strange yet charismatic vibe. It is not a stereotype with a new sound flying out of the speakers. Listen, back through the bands previous singles and this one will not sound anything alike. Also, the structure is unorthodox too, with the group switching things up continually with them following no particular pattern.


It kicks off with a choir, proving that the lads are not afraid to throw in orchestral elements. For me, when I clicked play, I had to double-check I had clicked onto the right track. It then gets even wackier with a toned-down vocal delving into a spoken word realm. But, do not fret because the band provide their signature sound loudly in the chorus. It is where we realise we are listening to Bring Me The Horizon. The chorus is bold and the highlight of the track. Power then hits, with sharp guitar riffs and a nail-biting rhythm before it delves back into the unusual darker space.

Overall, it is a refreshing delivery from the rock group. They hate sticking to the status quo, and that is evident on ‘Parasite Eve’. As a result, they have come up with something remarkably distinct but possibly too complicated at times too (It is not one to throw onto your playlist for an easy listen). Nevertheless, it is robust and provides a lot to the imagination, but yet the hooks do not catch as well as they have done in previous hits. Yes, there is a memorable chorus, but it has not got the anthemic flair similar to what we heard on tracks like ‘Follow You’. Nevertheless, it is far from boring, and it provides a myriad of qualities which we cannot dismiss.

Emily Harris