Knives ‘by Bullet For My Valentine – Single Rating: 4/5 ★★★★

Bullet For My Valentine are back with a new release and it will be a remedy to the ears of hard rock and heavy metal aficionados. Furthermore, ‘Knives‘ is gripped by anxiety, and the band’s forthright character rattles the spokes once more. They’re daring, and the Welsh rockers’ terrifying signature characteristic stands out with fervour.

The drums thud down with a tremendous bite to begin the tune. The guitars then tear through the mix, sending everyone into a mosh pit frenzy. It’s a massive overture that works best when it’s loud. As a result, turn up the volume and startle your neighbours!

Smack The Chops

Matt Tuck, the band’s frontman, does not hold back with his ear-splitting vocals, smacking the chops like a wet kipper. He is as powerful as ever, and he demonstrates that he is in top form by laying the way for the band’s future releases. The story goes into great detail lyrically. The group speaks about injuring oneself by not being truthful, which mirrors modern society and life in general.

The song ‘Knives‘ is from the band’s next self-titled album, which will come out in October. The record took two years to complete, according to insiders. It’s ‘brutal, heavy, and technical,’ as Matt describes it, and anyone who listens to the album’s first song will understand why. Already, it is proving fearless, and it will leave you gripping on for dear life from the moment it kicks off. 

You can listen to Bullet For My Valentine’sKnives‘ below. Also, please leave a comment on this post with your comments on the new release. As always, we appreciate hearing from you. So, do you believe this is one of Bullet For My Valentine’s best songs? Also, are you excited about their new album, which will arrive in October?

Emily Harris