Cardi B has responded to claims that she does not write her own lyrics.

Furthermore, Cardi took to Twitter on Thursday in reaction to haters claiming that she should not be on the Billboard Top 100 Songwriters charts.

She said. “[It’s] Because I do write a lot of my s–t that’s the thing. Yes just like every other artist I do have a couple writer that help with hooks but I wrote plenty of songs on my album specially my mixtape .Ya just flip s–t and ya want to believe the f–k s–t so bad but EAT IT UP BITCH!”

Fans have been having their say. One wrote ‘Most artists have a team of writers that write for them. Some artists write and even have the team of writers rewrite the lyrics! Just like some presidents they have people write for them! Who cares!! SMDH Keep doing what you are doing people just want to be mad.”

Do you think it is unfair for haters to claim she does not write her own lyrics? Have your say by leaving a comment below.

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