Attention everyone-Get to know this guy if you don’t already–actor, producer, writer, DJ and generally jack-of-all-trades as far as the entertainment industry is concerned, Donald Glover, or by his other name, Childish Gambino. He has unleashed a new song called ‘Feels Like Summer’ and it is definitely worth a few minutes of your listening time.

The song itself is a little under five minutes long and has a smooth introduction with an anchoring back beat.  After 25 seconds, you have Gambino’s voice rolling over the top in a soulful and completely soothing style. The chorus, the title of the song, is heard every so often throughout the song. Gambino’s voice just acts like a hook for the duration of the song and entices you in with minimal effort; his vocal ability as a singer is just incredible.

He is probably the American equivalent of Sam Smith.
‘Feels Like Summer’ is one of those songs that you could just listen to again and again because it just hits the all right notes. Overall, it is a good easy-listening R & B soul record which you could stick on your playlist and it wouldn’t even matter if you’re not a big fan of either sort of music.

The video that accompanies this song is quite an interesting one as it is one of those ‘a day in the life of…’ but it is done using a fresh approach as compared to what you would normally see. It is an animation which you don’t always think of or see in music videos produced by R&B soul artists. The video starts off with a black screen, then bright yellow lines appear to form a window blind which then open up and the image of a man appears, walking down a street, an animation of Gambino. It flows from there and creates a lovely support to the single, building and navigating with the journey of the track.


If you fancy it, check it out on YouTube, it’s definitely worth a look!


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George Millington