‘White Horse’ by Chris Stapleton – Single Rating: 4/5 ★★★

Chris Stapleton, the unrivaled king of country rock, has returned with a fiery delivery that leaves us in awe. The sneak peek from his upcoming album, ‘Higher,’ titled ‘White Horse,’ showcases Stapleton’s musical expertise. It also proves once again why he reigns supreme in the realm of country music.

The track wastes no time in grabbing our attention. Moreover, it starts with an energetic build-up of guitar riffs that ignite the song’s blazing spirit. The instrumentals drive the track forward with a compelling bite, setting the stage for what’s to come. As the drum strikes enter the mix, anticipation builds, paving the way for Chris Stapleton’s commanding vocals.

When Stapleton steps to the microphone, his signature powerhouse voice takes center stage. He fills the song with undeniable strength and emotion. Also, from the get-go, it becomes evident that ‘White Horse’ is not just another run-of-the-mill country song. It is an anthem with a gripping melody that lodges itself deep into the soul, particularly during the infectious chorus.


The lyrics of ‘White Horse’ further emphasize Stapleton’s storytelling abilities. Furthermore, they paint a picture of a love teetering on the edge of danger. The words capture the essence of desire and the feeling of being on the verge of something significant, mirroring the charged energy of the music itself.

The chorus, in particular, is a standout, with Stapleton crooning, “If you want a cowboy on a white horse, ridin’ off into the sunset, If that’s the kinda love you wanna wait for, hold on tight, girl, I ain’t there yet, No, I ain’t there yet, No, I ain’t there yet.” This refrain encapsulates the raw, romantic appeal of classic country themes, while Stapleton’s delivery elevates it to a whole new level of captivating artistry.

For us, ‘White Horse’ is a triumphant return for Chris Stapleton, and its enthralling melodies and heartfelt lyrics will undoubtedly leave listeners eagerly awaiting the full release of ‘Higher’.

You can take a listen to ‘White Horse’ below.

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Emily Harris