City Girls are a duo new to me. I will be honest; I had not heard of them before coming across their new track ‘Jobs’. But, I am kicking myself because I wish I had heard of them sooner. They have a fresh sound and a quality which gives them a unique edge.

Rap is what these ladies do best. They flaunt their skill effortlessly, and it makes for a remarkable listen for anyone who loves good old bars and an infectous backbeat. The band who claim to have had no intention of doing anything other than a diss track back in 2017, are taking the hip hop scene by storm. They take influence from many of their predecessors but yet they bring new elements to the table too.

Similar in sound to the likes of Minaj and Cardi B, City Girls kick ‘Jobs’ off in style. It all gets going with the beat cementing itself deeply. We are then in with a catchy rap delivery with the duo taking us on a journey from the get-go. It is hard not to nod along with the bold rhythm.


The track though is concise. It plays out for a short duration of two minutes, and for me, it is not enough. It just feels like it comes and goes quicker than a flash. But, the replay button saves the day and if like me, you will find yourself repeating it over and again to get another fix.

Overall, a pristine track from City Girls. They are giving the bigger hitters a run for their money here, and it is no surprise to see them sending shockwaves across the scene. You can take a listen to ‘Jobs’ by City Girls below. Also, let us know your thoughts to the track on our social media accounts.

Emily Harris