• Artist: Coldplay
  • Title: feelslikeimfallinginlove
  • Release Type: Single
  • Release: 21/06/24
  • Rating: ★★★★☆

“feelslikeimfallinginlove,” by Coldplay released on June 21, 2024, has captured my attention with its captivating blend of nostalgia and fresh summer vibes. The track opens with a delicate balance of vulnerability and anticipation in the lyrics, where Chris Martin sings about the conflicting emotions of falling in love. His vocals, paired with the dreamy arrangement, brings a sense of openness.

The production boasts strong credits featuring Max Martin, Oscar Holter, as well as Jon Hopkins. They create a sound that sweeps you into a field of blossoming flowers. The strings, conducted by Hopkins, add a cinematic quality to the mix and they improve the emotive core.

Excitement of New Love

The instrumental layers featuring Jonny Buckland’s guitar riffs and Guy Berryman’s bass lines bring a warm and summery aesthetic. It’s as if each note is basking in the golden glow of a setting sun. Furthermore, it makes it perfect for those late afternoon drives with the windows down. Will Champion’s percussion adds a buoyant rhythm that propels the track forward. It also encapsulates the excitement of new love.

I do however feel like I have heard this track before. This could be due to the familiar Coldplay trademarks e.g the melodies, the vocals, and the build-ups. Yet, there’s a modern quality here too, yet this is most likely the result of working with a diverse group of producers and engineers.

The lyrics capture the paradox of love’s vulnerability and exhilaration. Moreover, they resonate with the universal experience of being swept away by emotions. Lines like “Baby, it’s my mind you blow” and “You’re throwin’ me a lifeline” are delivered with heartfelt sincerity. Also, they stick with you long after the song ends. The repeating “la-la-la” in the pre-chorus has an almost hypnotic effect, adding to the song’s infectious quality.

So, wait no longer! You can take a listen to “feelslikeimfallinginlove” by Coldplay here.

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Becky Anderson