Shadow Ego have just released a new single ‘One of These Days’ and it is one which is expected to be a big hit in 2018 with fans already making sure that this track is in their playlists as we head into the spring months.

Sven, lead singer stated ‘I wanted to try something different but I was not expecting this reaction, it is truly incredible’.

The electronic themed track has a ‘one of a kind’ sound to it and displays a distinctive side of Sven Fredriksson musical capabilities who has already found success with Indie Rock band ‘The Fall of Ego’.

‘One of These Days’ is a track which dance music fans have been asking for, for many years and it is exactly what you would expect from a band of this quality. With a summer vibe and a catchy hook, it is clear to see why this song has been greeted with open arms.

‘One of These Days’ is out now.

George Millington