A gorgeous Volvo coupe formerly owned by the legendary David Bowie has sold at auction in Switzerland for over £160,000.

According to reports, the car fetched 212,800 Swiss Francs (£160,735) – nearly three times its top estimate.

The 1981 car is a 262C – a Volvo 200-series based coupe, styled by Italian design house Bertone.

His car did without the vinyl roof of earlier models, it was fitted with a 155bhp, 2.8-litre V6 engine mated to a three-speed automatic gearbox and it was also very well equipped with leather seats, cruise control, alloy wheels and a Blaupunkt hifi system.

It was intended to compete with luxury coupes in the American market thanks to its Italian/Swedish nature that could appeal to a certain niche buyer worldwide.

It was one of the last of the line produced in 1981 and it was delivered to his Swiss home in June of that year.

The car was initially registered under Bowie’s own name, David Robert Jones, before transferring over to the Bowie’s record company Belway Bros.

The car’s rarity – not to mention celebrity owner – plus the low car mileage of just 33,000 and its “very good and well maintained original condition”, according to the auction house, have no doubt helped its value.

You can check out a gallery with photos of the car here:


Article by Valentina Guidi. 

George Millington