American singer and actor David Cassidy has passed away aged 67. A family statement read that “David died surrounded by those he loved, with joy in his heart and free from the pain that had gripped him for so long”.  He was hospitalised last week after multiple organ failures and was subsequently required to be under supervision from doctors. Cassidy’s drinking problem was suspected to be at the root of the liver and kidney failures. Cassidy’s representative Jo-Ann Geffen stated that the doctors at Florida hospital were looking after Cassidy “as well as they can until they can find another liver.” David was also suffering from dementia, a condition that was worsening and subsequently cited as the reason for the cancellation of his tour earlier on in the year.

Cassidy was born in New York City in April 1950, to parents who were heavily immersed in the entertainment business. His father Jack Cassidy was a singer and an actor, while his mother Evelyn Ward was an actress. His familial background made him ideal for the role of Keith Partridge in the 70’s sitcom The Partridge Family, which was a programme focused on a widowed mother and her five children who started a rock and roll band. This was a huge break for the young man, as it exposed his looks to a wide audience, as well as an acting ability and gifted vocal capacity which were showcased after being promoted to lead singer.

After the huge success of the sitcom, he went on to triumph in other ventures in the acting and music industries. He expanded his portfolio to include song writing and guitar playing, which would both help to cement him as a well rounded pop icon with a range of gifts. ‘Cherish’, the then 22 year olds debut album sold well, alongside the Double A single titled ‘Could it be Forever’ in 1972. Following the early 1970s, David Cassidy worked with the likes of The Beach Boys, George Michaels and Wham! He became an increasingly recognisable emblem of the promising young face of Middle America.

In his lifetime, David Cassidy sold over 30 million records and released twelve studio albums and many more live and compilation collections.  He may perhaps be most remembered for his recordings with the Partridge Family. The 96 episode series produced numerous hits on live television as well as in the popular charts. The track ‘I Think I Love You’ quickly became a number one song and the illusory Partridge Family had such an appeal that they were actually nominated for the award for Best New Artist at the Grammys in 1971.

There is no denying that David Cassidy was a phenomenal talent, whose career spanned decades and whose influence will extend even further.

Article by Yohannes Lowe. 

George Millington