Dundee based singer, Demi McMahon, has released her brand new single, ‘Party’ a song full of feel good, jazzy vibes perfect to get you up on your feet and movin’!
McMahon is a highly talented and gifted singer, based in Dundee, Scotland who has always had an innate and strong passion coupled with a deeply rooted love for writing, developing and performing music. Having mastered playing many gigs, festivals, weddings and charity events, Demi has now begun to release her own original music. With her gorgeous vocal dexterity and open sound, you can hear her own her sound and spread it out wide.
Her voice is smooth yet powerful, artfully controlled and you can hear that clearly in the new single, ‘Party’. It’s a track about letting go and feeling good, with the right tune beneath your feet to lift you up and find your happy. Anchored in a jazzy piano rhythm and infectious, addictively catchy chorus and chord stuctures, the single is definitely going to find it way to your playlist and be on a constant repeat.
With a growing and loyal fanbase, this new powerhouse of a single, ‘Party’ will cement her momentum now that she is untethered and free to make her way on a firm route up and onwards.









George Millington