Dua Lipa is getting behind democratic presidential candidate ‘Bernie Sanders’ according to her latest social media posts.

Is this because she is not a fan of Donald Trump? Well, she isn’t the first female pop star who wants to bring Trump’s reign to an end. Furthermore, fellow Grammy winner Swifty also revealed that she would do everything she could to end Donald Trump’s autocracy.

Anyway, let’s get back to Dua Lipa who encouraged Super Tuesday voters to pick Bernie Sanders as their Democratic nominee. Writing on Twitter, she said “What happens in America doesn’t stay in America. The whole world is crying out for kinder and more inclusive leadership.”

However, this is not the first time that Dua has been vocally against Donald Trump has she previously said “You understand something on a personal level, That no refugee leaves their country without having to.
Later down the line, I think we’ll be able to see very clearly, when we put someone like Trump in power, what went wrong. And the hope is we’ll learn from it.”

U.S Politics

So for anyone who is not aware of the current politics over in the USA, what is happening? At the moment, the US is getting ready for the 2020 General Election which will take place on 3rd November 2020. The two parties, democrats and republicans will go head to head, and the voters will decide who will be their next president. Donald Trump who is the Republican leader is hoping to keep his presidency in the White House. However, it could be a close election with the democrats growing in popularity.

Do you think that celebrities and musicians should stop getting political? Or do you think they should make full use of their status by influencing decisions?

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George Millington