Dua Lipa is one of the most exciting pop stars on the planet at the moment. She has a knack for releasing hit after hit and her career is booming than it ever has before.

But, even artists like Lipa are not invincible. As a result, she has to ditch drink and fags to save her singing voice. I never even knew she was a smoker. Actually, I was quite surprised because you could never tell with her incredible vocal talent. Nevertheless, some of the worlds greatest singers have had a history with the terrible habit. Although, back in 2016 the ‘Someone Like You’ singer Adele, gave up the addiction and found that it made her voice weaker. What the hell?

Anyway, it only appears that Dua will be laying off the hard stuff while on tour and it is an attempt to protect her vocals while performing her smash hits to her loyal fans. We think it is a great idea, but it would be a lot better to ditch the cigs entirely not only to protect her voice but also her health. Either way, cutting down will reduce the harm therefore good on your Dua!


Nevertheless, it may be some time until these new habits kick in because the chances of her heading out on the road anytime soon are very slim. After all, everybody is still in lockdown, and we cannot see that changing anytime now. Due to COVID-19, it has meant that Dua is stuck at a London Airbnb with Anwar Hadid because a flood is preventing them from going home. Mind you; the self-isolation period may bring us more new music, which is always a good thing.

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George Millington