Ed Sheeran has had to deny rumours that he co wrote a song with former glamour model Katie Price.

Ed Sheeran

This has now been proved to be yet another FAKE news story which has been created to drive attention to Price’s new album. However, in some ways it has worked because everyone is now talking about it.

Furthermore, Katie revealed on ITV daytime tv show Loose Woman that she has a new album coming out very soon. She also mentioned that it features a song written by an A lister who has top ten hits at the moment.

Katie Price

Moreover, Price told the panelists. “My single Hurricane is out today, and it’s not just a single, I’m actually doing an album. And someone already, he’s an A-lister, he has two top ten hits at the moment, who has co-written a song for me and my album as well. It won’t be hard to work out who that is.”

She then went onto say “So my next album is going to smash it. I’m going to do some old school club classic covers, some original ones, I do love the ballads but I’m going the dance way this time. So, it’s an amazing track that he has done for the album. I’m going to bring out another album. Purely to make money for the British Lung Foundation, and want to do acoustic versions. Ed, come on!”

Katie Price

Terrible PR For Ed

Surely it is terrible PR for Ed Sheeran to work with Katie Price? We can see why he has been super quick to settle these rumours which are circulating around.

Do you think it is unacceptable for celebrities to use A list singers as a way to generate more publicity to their own music?

We would love to hear your opinion on this one. Therefore be sure to leave your comment in the section below this article.

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