Ed Sheeran cannot seem to keep away from the headlines. However, this is what you can only expect from an artist with as much global success as Sheeran.

Furthermore, we reveal that the ‘I Don’t Care’ singer has decided to build a football pitch and a helipad in his backyard.

Images below show the new additions to Ed’s Suffolk estate.

Credit: Splash News

This news comes after Sheeran’s neighbours were furious to find out that he had built a swimming pool in his garden. However, Ed has since advised that the outdoor water feature is in fact a pond and not a swimming pool. As a result, the council investigated and did determine that it is a pond and not a swimming pool.

Moreover, his neighbours are most likely going to be even more wound up now that a helipad has appeared. Firstly, helicopters are not exactly the most quiet forms of transport and also the footie pitch will surely create some commotion too?

Nevertheless, he keeps buying their properties anyway so we doubt there is many left to complain.

That being said. I personally think it is a great move with the footie area. I myself could only dream of one day having a football pitch in my back garden. Also, what a great way to entertain your friends when they come round. Therefore good on you Ed! However, do not forget my invite when you set up those 5 a side matches.

Also Ed surely deserves to reward himself. After all he has given the world some of the biggest songs in the last 10 years. Also, if Ed Sheeran cannot reward himself for his hard work then who can?

Ed Sheeran


What are your thoughts on the new additions at Ed’s Suffolk mansion? Also what are your thoughts on Ed’s new music?

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George Millington