Ed Sheeran breaks records and tops charts left, right and centre. He could probably just stay at home for a few years and never make an appearance, and his music would still soar through the charts. It is what makes him such a massive force in the industry.

Therefore, I doubt this new statistic will come as a huge shock to you. Ed is the most played singer in the UK, well in 2019 anyway and chances are he will get the title again next year. But, what probably does work in his favour is that he has so many songs to listen to. Let’s face it, he has collaborated with pretty much every famous singer on the planet; therefore if you listen to those artists, chances are you will come across Ed along the way too.

But, credit where credit is due. The singer is one of the hardest-working stars in the game, and it has not been plain sailing with the singer admitting to working in overtime in his early days to make his mark. As a result, he used to play several gigs in a day at one point therefore many will agree that he deserves it, but should other musicians get more of a look in? Possibly.

Shock, Not!

Also, this news will hardly shock the singer himself. After all, he has topped this stat four times now, with him just missing out once within the last five years. But, the achievements don’t stop there. Ed Sheeran also got into the top spots for the most played song. Have a guess which song it was? ‘I Don’t Care’ featuring Justin Bieber.

So, what are your thoughts to Ed Sheeran making the top spot for the fourth time? Have your say by letting us know on our social media accounts, we love to hear from you.

George Millington