Ed Sheeran returned to the stage in Singapore over the weekend (11-12 Nov 2017) following what he described as a “depressing” six-week touring break“ due to his bicycle accident.

The singer was forced to stop his worldwide tour after he suffered fractures in his right wrist and left elbow by falling off his bike in October.

A string of dates on the Asian leg of the Tour had to be cancelled and rescheduled for April 2018, so he could recover from his injuries.

He luckily managed to return to the stage at the Singapore Indoor Stadium for two concerts on Saturday and Sunday where he told the audience that he was glad to be back on the road: “You may or may not know that six weeks ago I broke my arms and this is my first show back,” he said. “I have to say I’ve never been in a situation where I have not been able to play music. It was the most depressing six weeks of my life. I’m so happy to be back here playing music for you guys.”

Before the Saturday concert, he gave an interview with Time Out Singapore and he said that his arms still ache but he is over happy to be able to play shows again, even though he was not on top form.

“Feels like it’s going well here. I’m very excited. Every time I come back to different countries it just seems to be growing and growing, so I’m really happy that we’re playing to such big crowds,” he added.

The singer will also play in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Bangkok in Thailand, and Mumbai in India before finishing off the leg in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) on 23 November. The tour resumes in March 2018.

Article by Valentina Guidi.

George Millington