Ed Sheeran has announced that he has written a James Bond theme song, even though he has not been officially asked to do so. The singer said that he created it just in case it was ever required. Sheeran stated that “with Bond, I’ve actually had a theme tune written for about three years.” A similar tactic was deployed when the 26 year old wrote a track for Eminem before actually working with the rapper. Talking to the Late Late Show Sheeran claimed that “it’s good. It’s good. I kept it. I just recently did a song with one of my all-time heroes Eminem and when we did a song together I’d already had the song planned because I was like “If I ever work with Eminem, I’ve got this song” so it’s the same for Bond.”


He did not reveal what the Bond tune was called and instead said that he was “not going to say ’cause someone might steal it.” ‘River’ was released on Thursday as part of Eminem’s comeback album ‘Revival’ and features Sheeran singing on the chorus. The song has charted at number two and is second only to ‘Perfect’- a collaboration between Ed and Beyonce. With this news coupled with the pronouncement of his music being the most streamed on Spotify this year, as well as the positive reception garnered from his third album ‘Divine’, Ed Sheeran is revelling in his success as the New Year approaches.

Ed’s revelation comes in the wake of Daniel Craig’s surprising disclosure that he will indeed be returning to the iconic British spy series as James Bond, despite widespread speculation that he would not be. Ed Sheeran will continue to be a very appealing commercial pop star in future years and a cynic would say that his decision to work with big names is a business savvy way in which he is able to keep his name at the front of the headlines.


Wriiten By: Yohannes Lowe

George Millington