Code Orange; a twisted package of macabre, sinister and downright disturbing hardcore, and alt-J – an experimental trio focused on unorthodox indie electronica – a bizarre combination, but in this case, it is clear that opposites attract.

It is apparent that alt-J are fans of other forms of alternative music – drummer Thom Green was spotted wearing a Code Orange t-shirt whilst performing ‘In Cold Blood’ live on the popular talk show, Conan. Perhaps this seemingly innocuous nod was the first step in Code Orange’s reshaping of two alt-J tracks?

One might initially be surprised that Code Orange’s effort in this partnership isn’t the work of ‘Adventures’ (Code Orange’s lighter counterpart formed by three of the original members) – on paper, their grungey yet shoegaze-influenced alt-rock sound would surely be more complementary to alt-J’s indie rock roots.

Instead, Eric Balderose of Code Orange has remixed two alt-J tracks (‘Adeline’ and ‘Hit Me Like That Snare’) and has plunged the latter of the two into the depths of industrial and noise rock – allowing the original material to reside just above the surface to gasp for air. The modification has resulted in a sound much more akin to something off Godflesh’s dark, 1989 effort, Streetcleaner, with harsh percussion and clandestine vocal snippets.

The changes to ‘Adeline’, however, are less doom and gloom and more uplifting. They follow the same expectations one would have if this collaboration really was operated as an Adventures remix – atmospheric, ethereal and yet still maintaining enthralling excitement as a true epic.

In a connected world where music can be freely shared, chopped up and reimagined using technology, it is refreshing to see that artists are using this reality to push the boundaries of musical classification, and to fuse together wildly contrasting genres to create something impressive. And in this connected world, something as innocent as being spotted wearing a band t-shirt could seemingly lead to a maelstrom of creativity.

Written By;  Connor Winyard. 

George Millington