Whilst the season of festivals, beach holidays and barbecues may be over, September marks the start of fluffy jumpers, log fires and red wine. PLUS, we get to start wildly speculating about the infamous John Lewis advert. The rumours have already begun, as Sir Elton John has reportedly been paid £5 million to star in the country’s most loved advert for Christmas 2018. We can’t think of anyone more suited.

John Lewis has created a host of memorable adverts over the years after its first release back in 2007, which have most recently featured lovable creatures who capture the hearts of the nation (Buster the Boxer, Monty the Penguin and last years Moz the Monster we’re looking at you). There is also a lot of buzz and excitement around the advert’s soundtrack with the department store often employing under the radar artists to perform covers of classic tunes. Ellie Goulding covered Elton’s ‘Your Song’ in 2010 which no doubt helped the track to secure a number 2 spot in the charts.

The Mail on Sunday reported that Elton would play ‘Your Song’ with a storyline that tracks a flurry of Christmases spanning his lifetime. According to a source, Elton John, now 71 years of age, has spent four days at London’s Pinewood studios recording the advert.

A source close to the set also revealed: “John Lewis wanted to win the battle of the Christmas adverts this year and it has cost them a significant sum to do it, but they think having Elton on board will guarantee its popularity and blow Marks & Spencer out of the water.

“It’s a tear-jerker but also very sweet, and follows Elton from a child, through his teenage years, into how he is today.

“It is all very, very charming and the exciting crescendo at the end will be Elton playing his famous piano.”

Whilst John Lewis are remaining hush hush on the matter to preserve the “magic” of the annual drop, we’re sure this year’s production will be totally ‘awwwww’-worthy.

Elton has just begun his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour and you can check out the music legend here.

George Millington