Recent reports indicate that Eminem has signed a deal with WWE for a TV and video game appearance. This news has been circling around online in the past few weeks and many have been excited with the concept.

Today, we can reveal that Eminem will not be signing a deal with WWE. Well, not any time soon according to his team.

Furthermore, Eminem’s spokesman Dennis Dennehy has denied any deal being signed between ‘The Monster’ rapper and WWE after speaking with Pro Wrestling Sheet.

Dennis said, “There was a very brief, exploratory conversation that involved a third party and 2K Sports, not Eminem’s team. It has not gone beyond preliminary discussions, and any reports to the contrary are false. Right now there are no plans to further pursue it”.

However, Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp who actually started the rumours still states that a deal has been struck in a recent twitter post. He said, “Eminem’s team can deny it all they want, wait until the fall. The hilarity of us getting threats of legal threats for publishing a story featuring information that Eminem’s group, 2K, management and WWE didn’t want out there. We didn’t sign any NDAs. We are free to report that information.”

He then added: “If Em’s team pulls or pulled the deal I’ll feel bad for those who put it together, but yep – a deal was agreed upon today for all the things I mentioned, regardless of who’s rep is saying what.”

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