Frankly, It’s been a bit of an unlucky weekend. For music festivals this side of the pond. Two massive festivals, one in England. One in Spain, faced serious issues. 

After a weekend of heavy rain, Y Not Festival was left in a messy state. Though a bit of mud is to be expected at a UK festival. Conditions were severe enough for organizers to cancel the final day. In a statement on the website, organizers said that: “this was an incredibly difficult decision and we are as disappointed as you are.” Some of the artists set to play the final day were Kate Nash. Also Fickle Friends, and headliners Two Door Cinema Club. On Friday, The Vaccines and Clean Bandit. 

Evacuations And Cancellations

According to the festival’s website. The plan was that attendees were to be evacuated over Sunday and Monday. And also provided with food stands and medical services until they could return home safely. However, many took to Twitter to speak out about a lack of staff to help them leave. 

Meanwhile, in Barcelona they also had a disaster. With Over 22,000 people had to be evacuated from UNITE With Tomorrowland. When the main stage’s right-hand screen caught fire. The enormous stage was covered with huge screens and flashing lights. Although Fortunately, everyone was evacuated safely.

This weekend was, without a doubt, a rough one. Hopefully festival organizers will learn from these mistakes. And help build better and safer festivals in the future.

By Sofia Loporcaro

George Millington