They embark on their UK tour in a couple of weeks’ time but before they light up the arenas and take to the stage, we take a look at Florence and the Machine’s journey so far…

Florence Welch is the floaty-sleeved front woman of dreams, with a crazy vocal range and a natural flare for writing lyrics that could make a grown man weep; Team that with the talent of keyboardist Isabella Summers and the rest of the band and it’s incredibly hard not to love them.

Formed in 2007 – the bands debut album, ‘Lungs’ wasn’t released until two years later – featuring tracks that would later become iconic – Rabbit Heart and You’ve Got the Love to name just a couple.

Four studio albums and 11 years later, the band have been linked to various different genres including rock and folk but their extraordinary sounds and versatility set them in a genre and league of their own.

As well as their undoubted ability to produce amazing songs, the band also have a few more claims to fame; they were the first female headliner this CENTURY at Glastonbury 2015, keyboardist Isabella has worked with the likes Rita Ora and Beyoncé and the band have two BRIT awards and three NME awards to their name.

The UK tour follows on from the release of their latest album ‘High as Hope’ which was released earlier this year; it features songs like ‘Hunger’ and ‘Patricia’ where we get an even deeper glimpse into the mind of Florence herself, who has a large influence in the writing and production of each track.

We can’t wait to see what they bring to their live performances and if you fancy swaying along to ‘Big God’ and praying that they play ‘Dog Days are Over’ then you can get tickets here.

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