Foo Fighters rise once again with their latest single, ‘Shame Shame’. It is a track which I imagine die-hard Foo Fighters fan will be relishing, but for anyone who lean on the fence with Foo Fighters, is this going to pull them in even more? I am unconvinced.

Furthermore, is it their best? For me, it is not quite as potent as some of their biggest hits. The hook is relatively generic on ‘Shame Shame’, and it does not excite me in the opener. Also, the melody is not as catchy as you may expect from a group who continuously drop memorable melodies like they are going out of fashion. Nevertheless, it does have plenty of flavoursome ingredients which make it hard to skip.

Musically, the band keep reinventing their sound which I respect. However, anybody will find it easy to quickly identify the creators of the track without being told otherwise. Also, this work does not unleash the rock character, which I savour so much from The Foos. Moreover, the mix stays relatively condensed, and although it picks up pace in the chorus, the energy never gushes out of the speakers.

Dave Grohl

Vocally, Dave Grohl can do little wrong. His technique is always impressive, and the inclusion of harmonies in the chorus section gives the foundation an even fuller sound. Also, his signature sound drips all over the mix with a refreshing cadence.

Overall, for me ‘Shame Shame’ is most likely going to be one of those tracks which grows on me as time goes on. However, I have to say it is not leaping out at me at the moment. Maybe, you will have a different experience?

You can take a listen to ‘Shame Shame’ by Foo Fighters below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts on our social media accounts.

Emily Harris