For such a young artist (all of 15 years old), Francesca Luker commands a tight hold on her stunning new EP, Take Me Down, and dominates the sound she so gorgeously puts out. Comprised of three luminous tracks, there is nothing here to fault.

Beginning with the beautiful song, ‘Eyes’, Luker sets the tone with languid and a lush embroidery of sounds (think Florence and The Machine or Lana Del Rey but slightly softer and more eloquent). She follows up with tracks, ‘Sunrise’ and the title track to finish, ‘Take Me Down’. They all follow along with the same thread, beautifully arranged and lyrically captivating. There is a power and loose, marching cadence to her sound but she bounds through a sort of golden, delicate touch to lyrical liturgy.

For me, the stand out song is the final, title song. Luker eases through it, the growing yet paced immediacy that builds and winds you through the track, makes a deep impression. Her vocalese and is complemented and soaked in the ethereal nature of the backing music, slipping and sliding through a magical tapestry. It’s very organic and comes across as loose but the structure is there, just held on its edge giving Luker’s voice the control over the destination of the song yet still feeling like a delicate, vulnerable sound. And, the poetic nature of the lyrics create a symbiotic magic that envelopes you.

With such a well-crafted and well- made sound, this is definitely one artist to watch, as she has a great upward trajectory in her future.

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Dana Miller