Scottish alternative indie band Franz Ferdinand have release a new single, “Feel The Love Go”, and there is very little to recognize of the group that brought us “Take Me Out”.

This new synth-based tune is an apple fallen far from the tree we once knew. Apart from Alex Kapranos’ bouncing vocals on the chorus, it’s hard to see the old Franz Ferdinand through the laser-beam ridden fog.

Knock knock. Who’s there? It’s Kraftwerk. Kraftwerk who? Only joking it’s me, Alex Kapranos and my band, Franz Ferdinand. Oh yeah, so it is.

It just doesn’t quite add up, does it? Bands take new directions all the time, to varying degrees of success. And it’s no harm that the formerly alt-rock Scots decided to branch out, however the problem arises when the change seems forced. This change seems forced.

That being said, the opening verse is extremely good, an auspicious venture in to Germanic techno. Kapranos’ voice lends itself well to the deep, rumbling synth line. However, once accompanied by the jaunty guitar chords of the chorus, things start to get hairy. The electro loses its punch, and a watered-down version of the song seems to immediately take over.

The saxophone solo towards the end was a gamble that, unfortunately, hasn’t paid off. A brave effort, but one that missed the mark.

By the end, I’m wondering what happened to the magic of that opening verse. It really is a shame that the group didn’t pursue these futuristic sounds in a cleaner, purer way. When tossed together with the bands original post-punk vibe, all the umpf disintegrates.

Context can be killer, and due to the unhealthy amalgamation of genres, it has Taken Out this single.

Written by PJ Kimber

George Millington