Progressive rock and metal duo, Gabriel, have released their new single ‘The Moment’ and it is everything fans will desire from the hugely talented pair, who are about to release their 7th album.  This is a specialised art that Gabriel have perfected.

Gabriel is an international project between guitarist and producer, Albert Vinasco and singer-songwriter Sally Elsey. The duo formed in 2009 via a musician community site, Broadjam after discovering common influences and musical ideas between them. And, what an amazing chance meeting that turned out to be.  With inspiration from bands like Dream Theater, Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Deftones and more, Gabriel have create their own unique blend of progressive rock and metal, with strong melodies, dynamic approaches to rhythm and lush, rich vocals.  There is a defiant strength to metal and a creativity to prog rock and Gabriel have found a way to marry the two seamlessly in this new single. It’s easy to appreciate all that they have poured into this track because it is all laid bare, note for note.

‘The Moment’ is a powerful single, captivating you from the start with ‘Maiden-esque’ guitar harmonies and sweeping synthesizers creating a soundscape to really dig into and get lost in. The track builds throughout, steadily growing with intensity and depth, with Sally’s smooth and strong vocals delivering the lyrics with passion and conviction. If unique progressive rock and metal is what you’re looking for, look no further, you have found your home. Gabriel will certainly make their way into plenty of playlists with this latest release and should be on yours too.

Be sure to follow Gabriel’s progress as they release their new album!

George Millington