George Ezra is sending a clear message to his fans through his hugely successful album ‘Staying at Tamara’s’. He has gone full Art Attack with his word, and he is giving Neil Buchanan a run for his money.

Furthermore, the ‘Budapest’ singer posted a video on his official Instagram account. In the post, he states how his album ‘Staying at Tamara’s’ is now two years old. For me, it is crazy how fast time flies. It only feels like yesterday when I was first listening to that masterpiece. Well, I do not know where those two years went, but the hitmaker is celebrating the birthday with a strong message.

In the video, George gets out his album and sticks on a strip of masking tape and writes ‘Home’ with a sharpie. If this message is not a clear indication that we all need to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, then I am not sure what is. He is not the only musician who is advising fans to stay at home, and some of the worlds biggest stars are also using their platforms to recommend no one leaves their homes. After all, you all must stay at home, folks! Plus, we have all the best music available at our fingertips; therefore, there is no need for us to venture anywhere. If you are like me, you will be using this time in self-isolation to find some of the best new tracks. But I am also going back through my playlists and George is high on my daily picks.


One thing, his fans and I are looking forward to is a new album. Also, this self-isolation period may be a time for George to put pen to paper. New release soon? Let’s hope so. However, ‘Staying at Tamara’s’ will do for now!

George Millington