Glasgow born indie rocker, Gerry Cinnamon can do little wrong with his quest to become the most prominent indie name becoming more ingrained with each new release.

Ghost’ which appeared in late 2020, pours with vitality from the outset. It kicks off with a similar beat to what we heard on Cinnamon’s hit ‘Sometimes’, but the direction changes rapidly once the synth lead pokes out of the potent mix. The overture brings back nostalgia from the 80s with a comparable foundation to The Cure.


Also, Gerry reaches for the mic with strength. His signature vocal leaks refreshing zest with him expressing a story of real life. He sings about riding the path alone, although the words many have told him still occupy his mind. Lyrically, Gerry becomes somewhat a genius here with his poetry proving why he is one of the most exciting songwriters to grace the stage in recent times.

Big and bold, ‘Ghost’ grips for the entirety. The music also proves Gerry’s versatility with him often delving between acoustic-based tracks and punchier gems. Many wrote him off as a one-hit-wonder back when ‘Sometimes’ took off, but he is nothing of the sort. He means business, and he is not slowing down either with his sound influencing a new direction for indie.

Non-Lexical Vocables

Towards the latter, Gerry abandons words for non-lexical vocables, and they conclude the track with Gerry singing a melody which rings out long after listening. All the instruments pick up in momentum, and the energy gushes out, leaving an indent.

You can take a listen to ‘Ghost’ by Gerry Cinnamon below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts to the release by commenting on our social media accounts. So, do you think this is the best song yet from the Scottish artist? We love to hear your feedback.

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Emily Harris