The renowned Indian writer and poet and lyricist Javed hosts a musical journey to reveal untold stories behind the classics. As well as India’s Hindi film music. But between 1950 and 1975.  ‘The Golden Years 1950 – 1975.’ is now available on Netflix.

The series is a celebration of 25 years of timeless music. It also celebrates classical melodies of musical and their soulful music from this golden time of the Indian film music. Therefore It gives viewers an opportunity to enjoy the stories behind some of the magical music. And those created during this golden era. that continue to remain in the hearts of Indian music lovers.

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Those years are memorable for the music industry. As well as for the music lovers. This series celebrates what they did to Indian cinema as well as to the Indian film music industry.

Adopted an innovative marketing approach with a unique branding initiative to promote the show. Local trains in Mumbai in India were exclusively branded as Zee Classic Radio trains. These trains played classic melodies along with the untold stories. Narrated by Javed through their in-built sound system. This series has also been promoted through various platforms such as radio, television and social media.

‘The Golden Years 1950 -1975. A musical journey’ presented by the legend himself is presented by the television channel Zee Classic. Produced by EVPL. The series is now available on Netflix.

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