• Artist: Hockey Dad
  • Title: Wreck & Ruin
  • Release Type: Single
  • Release: 14/06/24
  • Rating: ★★★★☆

“Wreck & Ruin,” the latest single by Hockey Dad from their album “Rebuild Repeat”, is a whirlwind of nostalgic energy and emotional candor. As soon as the track kicks off, I’m hit with a rush of adrenaline. It is reminiscent of early surf rock vibes and it is blended with modern grit. Zach Stephenson’s vocals and Billy Fleming’s drumming, create a perfect storm of sound that is raw and exciting.

The lyrics, exploring themes of chaotic relationships and self-destruction, are candid and poignant. Lines like “Won’t you be my wreck? Won’t you be my ruin?” resonate with a kind of brutal honesty, as if they’re pulling me through a narrative of heartfelt wreckage. The chorus is especially gripping, with its repetitive questioning and powerful delivery making it an earworm that lingers long after the song ends.


There’s a clear homage to Royal Headache, a Sydney band that Hockey Dad used to cover, and this track captures that throwback feel while injecting their signature surf rock flair. Stephenson himself notes the track’s fun and throwback nature, and I can feel this. The instrumental break is a standout for me. Moreover, it allows the intensity to rise before crashing back into the chorus.

Overall, “Wreck & Ruin” is a track which I will be clinging to for a long time to come! It is also one which reveals Hockey Dad’s ability to craft songs that are both a nod to their roots and a bold step forward. It’s an electrifying blend of nostalgia and new energy that makes me want to hit replay again and again.

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Becky Anderson