Rag N Bone Man has opened up in his most candid interview yet with Apple Music.

The hitmaker said: “When you spend a lot of time by yourself, you really get to know yourself. There was this period of time where I sort of became a bit of a recluse. I was drinking too much and I was taking too many drugs. I was coming out with ideas in my own head that felt like the sort of ramblings of a madman. And I thought, ‘Well why not try and let people into that?’”

Also, speaking about his new album, the star said: “I just felt like we’ve really achieved something like, you know, first of all making a record like we did and how it sounds, but also doing it in such a short space of time with that much pressure. I remember hearing the recordings that we made that week and listening to it and thinking, ‘That’s an album’, like even at the point where they weren’t mixed or anything and it was just us playing it live, it just had this really great flow about it. All the songs felt like they lived in their own place and they made sense where they were. What I’ll take from this whole album experience is it’s made me a more open human being. It’s about sort of finally being able to be really honest about yourself and realising your flaws.”

George Millington