It was not too long ago since we last reviewed an Inhaler track. When I heard this new one, I could not resist getting stuck in once more. The four-piece are dropping hits left right and centre, and they prove they have heaps of quality up their sleeve.

The band who hail from Dublin slow it all down here on ‘Fade Into You’. Lead singer, Elijah Hewson (Bono’s son) sings with genuine poignance and his emotion drips all over the mix from the moment he opens his vocal cords. He sings with confidence which grips and it is difficult not to get onto his wavelength with his clear articulation and witty lyricism.

Acoustic Feel

Musically, the group never disappoint. The fundamental takes us on a new adventure here with a less indie rock vibe which they usually provide. They add a more folky acoustic theme with the acoustic guitar taking the focal position for the most part. I relish this new sound, and it is massively piercing. So much so, I would say it is the best track yet from the upcoming indie band. They have wholly ditched the electric sound, and even a country aura pokes out at times too.

For me, this track takes us away from the current craziness in the world. It catapults us to a space of relaxation, and the heavenly approach from the group is awe-inspiring. Also, ‘Fade Into You’ cements the band’s name deeper into this genre. They prove that they are not just a band who are riding fame due to their close link to one of the biggest rock bands of all times. But, they demonstrate that they have strong talent. Great work, lads!

You can take a listen to ‘Fade Into You’ by Inhaler below. Also, let us know your thoughts on the new track by commenting on our social media accounts.

Emily Harris